Who Is Sherri Gibson?

First, I would like to say thank you for visiting my website. I’m glad you are here and clearly you found something interesting about it or you would not be visiting the about page to learn more about the lady gamer behind this masterpiece.

I’m an almost 40, gamer of old. A legend in her own mind. An often foul-mouthed, sarcastic mother of two, who played Zork on a Commodore 64, not one of those fancy emulators. I grew up on Nintendo, Legend of Zelda, Sega Genesis, Mega Man, Sonic, and loved me some Streets of Rage. Grand Upper!

I was the original Twitch streamer, only my audience wasn’t online. It was the neighborhood boys sitting around my living room watching me play Zelda, utterly amazed that a girl was into this game.

I also have loved tabletop games, but not the boring typical Monopoly. I liked games that were a little more strategic and advanced and gave me a chance to really go after an opponent. Like Risk.

Today, instead of admonishing the gaming habits of my kids, I embrace it. I play with them fairly frequently. It’s something we do as a family. Yes, we are a family of 4 Xboxes. And yes, we have, more than once, rolled all the TV’s and Xboxes into one room for a big game release.

What will you find on this site?

Everyone seems to have a website or Facebook page these days, so I figured why not me? Now and then I’ll be sharing my latests gaming experiences, my thoughts on recent gaming news, recommendations on games I like (or tips on ones to avoid), and strategies that may help you win (I’m very competitive).

Again, thank you for stopping by.