Overcooked 2 – The most fun I have had since Overcooked 1.

There are some games that are easy to explain just how great they are to your friends and fellow gamers. You start talking about things like character classes, the multitude of weapon choices, multiplayer options, PVP, quests, raids, grinding for gear and they can quickly envision what you are talking about and why the game is so fun.

Then you try to tell them about a game like Overcooked and it’s recently released sequel, Overcooked 2, and it is just so hard to put into words how much fun the game is.

“You cook burgers and it is amazing,” just doesn’t have the same ring to it as describing games like Halo, Battlefield, Diablo, or Warframe.

Overcooked is definitely something you have to experience, and experience you should. Overcooked took something simple like cooking and turned it into a fast paced, scream at the person beside you, frantic gaming experience. The sequel takes everything that the first game did so right and expands on it.

If you have never played Overcooked, here is the basic premise. You and up to 3 friends are cooks in a kitchen trying to prepare orders coming in from hungry customers. Each time you complete an order, you are awarded points. You need a minimum number of points to progress to the next level.

On each level you will find a different layout for the kitchen. Some are a simple basic kitchen. Others are two food trucks driving down a road where you will find half of what you need on one truck and the other half on the other truck. You have to leap between when they get close to keep the supplies moving. There are kitchens on the side of volcanoes with fire pits. There are even pirate ships.

Different levels will also have different menu items for you to prepare. In some you are cooking burgers, which may be requested with lettuce or tomato. Some have you making fish and chips, and in others you will be cooking pizzas.

For each dish you need to prepare there are a few basic steps. You need to grab the ingredients from their storage areas. You need to prep them which could mean chopping them, frying them, or boiling them. Then you have to plate the ingredients together to finish the dish.

As an example, a burger order might come in with lettuce and tomato. You need to grab the meat, stick it on a frying pan and let it cook. The lettuce and tomato both will need to be taken to a cutting board and chopped. When everything is ready it goes on a bun and needs placed on a plate before taken to the serving area.

Where the real fun starts is when you have 3-4 orders waiting and everyone is running around the kitchen trying to figure out what they are doing. Who is on lettuce? Where are my buns? Hey watch the burgers, they are overcooking! And yes, things can catch on fire, which then needs to be put out with a fire extinguisher.

Communication is key to doing well in the game. If you aren’t talking to your teammates and assigning tasks, you are quickly going to go down in flames.

This game will keep you hooked for hours and ranks among my all-time favorite couch co-op games. It is loads of fun for friends or family of all ages.

Ghost Town Games, the creator of the Overcooked franchise, wisely did not look to reinvent the game with their much anticipated sequel. They took the ingredients, no pun intended, of the first game and just kicked it up a notch (Okay, maybe the puns are intended).

The most obvious change that came in Overcooked 2 is online multiplayer. This is something us fans were screaming for in the first game because we wanted to be able to scream at our friends online for screwing up an order.

There is a single-player option with both games where you switch between controlling two chefs working together. It’s fun, but it is nowhere near the experience of playing multiplayer. For those who did not have a friend or family member around that would play with them and with no ability to play online, they missed out on Overcooked at its best.

Ghost Town Games listened to its community and added the most asked for feature into the sequel.

Another fun addition is the ability to throw stuff. Besides the fun of chucking a head of lettuce across the screen at one of your friends, this added a whole new element to level design.

throwing meat

The developers were able to open up even more creatively in how levels were laid out and in providing new obstacles for players to overcome. In some kitchens, you will be forced to toss ingredients across an open pit. A little off aim and down the pit they go, slowing down the whole kitchen.

In other kitchens you will be blocked off by rotating kitchen equipment, which will leave you cut-off from ingredients you need, forcing a teammate to grab them and toss them over the counter to you.

It is a little tweak that adds a lot to the game.

Many of the classic dishes return such as burgers and pizza, but they also added some new orders you will have to prepare like sushi. I won’t spoil the rest for anyone who has not played this yet.

Overcooked 2 is one of those games that looks so simple, but you can easily underestimate just how much fun it is to pick up the control and jump into the chaos yourself. At about $30, it has already provided more than its money’s worth of gaming fun in our household.