Dying Is Expensive

If you have not yet had the experience of burying a loved one, then you wouldn’t know how expensive it is lay a person in his final resting place. Funeral and burial services are taking advantage of the vulnerability of families who have just lost someone in order to hike up their prices because they know that families would desire to provide their dearly departed a lavish farewell.

As you can see, you would need at least 10 to 15 thousand dollars to have a decent funeral service. You would have to pay for the cost of embalming, the casket, the funeral plot, the gravestone, flowers at the funeral, transportation of the remains from the funeral home to the cemetery, and the funeral service. Many are now opting for cremation because it is more affordable, but still if you do not have enough savings put away for your death, even this can be a great financial burden for the family you will leave behind.

This is why most people take out funeral insurance to cover for the cost of death and to make sure that their final wishes on how their remains will be taken care of will be respected. Funeral insurance is a type of pre-need insurance that is specifically tailored to meet your funeral and burial needs.

Having a funeral insurance prepared for the inevitable will save you and your family from the high cost of dying and you spare your family from the possibility of being deep in debt just so they could provide you with a decent funeral. There are also a number of advantages of having funeral insurance coverage:

  • Guaranteed coverage. Taking out a funeral insurance now is like having the guarantee that you have money tucked away for this eventuality. You can be sure to have the funeral service that you want, whatever financial situation you and your family may be in your passing.
  • Less burden for your family and peace of mind. Preparing funeral insurance will alleviate some of the stress that your family will surely feel as they grieve your loss. It is hard to take care of such affairs while you are grieving and having funeral insurance will lessen the emotional and financial burden on your family and allow them to make the most out of the final days they have with you. Having funeral insurance will also give you peace of mind. This is in knowing that you have done the responsible thing for your family by preparing for the inevitable. Taking out one more thing that your family will worry about in your passing, sure shows that you care.
  • Quick pay-out. Unlike life insurance, funeral insurance liquidates fast and can be claimed as soon as 24 hours after the notice of death. Your family need not worry about borrowing money to cover for the expenses while waiting for the proceeds to be processed.
  • Allows choices. When you die, you will no longer have a say in how your remains will be dealt with. Even if you had made your wishes very clear when you are alive, how sure are you that these will be respected? Having funeral insurance allows you to make certain choices when it comes to matters of your death. You can choose whether to be buried or cremated, you can choose the type of funeral service that you will have, you can even decide about small details such as your funeral flowers and the type of casket that you will have.