Destiny 2 – Best Class for PVP

Many people are jumping into Destiny 2 for the very first time with the release of Forsaken, which corrected a lot of the problems that plagued the game, and especially in the PvP realm. I’ve put a lot of time into PvP across all classes and wanted to share my opinions for those just jumping in who are mostly concerned with PvP.

First, let me get something out of the way. For the majority of players, any of the classes and their subclasses are going to be 100% viable for you to play and have fun with, so my first recommendation would be to just play with the class you enjoy the most. You are never going to feel like you are getting dominated and constantly dying because you are using a Titan versus some other class.

Your performance is going to mostly come down to the skill with which you play.

That being said, there are some situations where one or two subclasses in particular do feel like they have a slight advantage. Let’s also be clear on something. You might be amazing with some class and had a game where you went 35-0. That’s great. I’m trying to take an unemotional look at the realities of the game from both my experiences and those I play with.

I’m sorry to all of you Warlock fans, but the Warlock is not in a great place right now. I do not like to pick a class based on supers alone. I look at how the whole kit and exotics work. But if we are talking about supers the Warlock is underwhelming.

Dawnblade can be fantastic. I won’t deny that. You can wreck a whole team in short order if you cast Dawnblade at the right time. My biggest problem with Dawnblade is that it can be pretty much neutralized by the map you are playing on. It is far less effective on maps with lots of buildings, tunnels, and hallways. If you cannot float high above your adversaries, it is going to be a lot less effective.

Stormcaller is not too bad, but it doesn’t feel quite as strong as it was in Destiny 1. The problem with Stormcaller is their other perks and grenades are just, meh.

Voidwalker, in my opinion, is the worst super in the game for PvP. It can be absolutely devastating if the other team cooperates and huddles together in a big mass. But how often does that happen, and, more importantly, how often does it happen just when you have your super up and ready?

With Voidwalker, you blow your load in one shot. They have improved the super charge time since launch, but you still are only getting your super twice in a match at most. Now and then 3 times on a good team.

The other problem with Warlocks is their class skill. I love the rift, whether you are healing or buffing, in PvE situations. It just doesn’t play out as well in PvP. You are rarely standing in one place, and you almost never want to be grouped up that close with teammates. You just create an inviting target of enemy grenades, power weapons, or supers.

Warlock is just in the worst place right now among the 3 classes for PvP. Again, that doesn’t mean you cannot wipe the floor with opposing teams if you are a good player.

Titans, on the other hand, are in a great place right now. One-hit shoulder charge kills are back, and oh how they have been missed by Titan regulars.

The Sentinel subclass is the least effective of the 3. The void shield ability is not bad. It’s real problem is just being upstaged by its arc Fists of Havoc cousin. They are similar supers in that they do damage in close proximity to your character, however Fists of Havoc has more splash damage and a bigger radius. The Striker Titan subclass also offers a better kit overall.

If you like getting up close and personal when you cast your super, Striker is the way to go. Pulse grenade is a great option for locking down a corridor or narrow bottleneck. The Lightning grenade can be effective for setting ambushes around corners. The Flashbang I have not found all that effective.

If you prefer a ranged super, the Sunbreaker will be your go to Titan subclass. Hammer of Sol gives you flaming hammers you can throw repeatedly at enemy Guardians. It does high damage and has a fast fire rate. It also does some splash damage where it lands. It’s basically the Warlock Dawnblade without the hovering above the battlefield, which makes Hammer of Sol a useful super across all map types.

Voidwall and Suppressor grenades just have not been found to be all that effective in PvP, but the Magnetic grenade, now that is a good time. It sticks to enemies and explodes twice. It brings back fond memories of sticking opponents with Plasma grenades in my Halo 3 days.

The Titan class ability is also pretty useful in PvP. I do not see many people using the Rally Barricade, but that quick reload can win you an encounter. The Towering Barricade, on the other hand, is fantastic in PvP for locking down an area. It especially gets a lot of play in the competitive playlist.

Set a bomb and want to keep the enemy from defusing it? Setup a Towering Barricade in the direction of their likely approach. That will make their task a lot more difficult.

For you Hunters out there, Gunslingers still are kicking butt. Some would say they are the top sublcass in PVP. If things line up right for your Golden Gun, like say when an enemy team is defending a bomb placement, you can wipe an entire team in just a few seconds. Defending against an enemy advance? Golden Gun can put an end to that real fast too.

With Foresaken, Gunslinger gained Blade Barrage, which is more or less a Solar Nova Bomb that happens instantly. It can easily shut down someone who themselves have cast a super.

The Way of a Thousand Cuts path provides some good PvP synergy. When you melee someone, they are lit on fire and it charges your dodge ability, which then speeds up the charge of your melee ability.

These are the classes myself and my friends are having the most success with in PvP.